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Simple & efficient lab testing for health professionals.

An introduction to Regenerus Labs

At Regenerus Labs, we work with functional medicine practitioners, nutritional therapists, and naturopaths. We also support students and recent graduates from many colleges, including ION, CNELM and CNM, to help enhance their students’ functional testing knowledge. We often find graduates ask us to clarify our value proposition in the functional health market and the range of services we offer. This is understandable, as the world of advanced functional and diagnostics testing can be complex - a matter we are trying to simplify.

We have created a short video and guide summarising how we help functional medicine professionals access, interpret, and apply advanced tests.

Healthcare practitioners want to use the most advanced functional and diagnostic tests for their patients

Leading UK and EU healthcare professionals highly covet access to the world’s most advanced health tests. These tests provide the most accurate, in-depth and comprehensive health analyses.

The more advanced the health test a practitioner uses:

  • the more comprehensive their assessment of the patient
  • the more informed and substantiated the diagnosis
  • and the more precise treatment they can give

Ultimately, this means better patient care.

However, the problem is that advanced functional tests are very difficult to access

UK and European healthcare professionals need help accessing, understanding and using laboratories, especially as they are based worldwide.

Logistic and shipping issues

Managing the logistics of sending samples abroad brings many challenges, including lab paperwork and sample requirements, international couriers and customs procedures. This issue is magnified when dealing with multiple labs.

Limited customer services

Questions inevitably arise as the testing process is complex, with multiple steps and parties. However, when contacting labs, direct quality customer isn’t always available because of factors such as different time zones, foreign languages and international call fees.

Complex marketplace and products

Advanced health tests and their results can be very difficult to understand, administer, analyse, interpret and apply without guidance. This is due to their sheer breadth, unique design and continual advancement.

Regenerus Labs gives health practitioners access to the world’s most advanced diagnostic tests

Regenerus Labs was established in 2012 with one simple mission: to give healthcare professionals access to the world’s most advanced health testing laboratories.

We handle all practitioners’ difficulties when using the world’s most advanced health test labs.

We facilitate 100+ advanced health tests from 10+ leading labs

Our distribution partnerships with many of the world’s leading international laboratories mean you can buy hundreds of cutting-edge advanced health tests from our website.

Just some of our lab partners include:

  • Doctor’s Data, a specialist in gut health, essential elements and toxicity and hormone testing
  • Precision Analytical, a hormone testing specialist, creators of DUTCH
  • Mosaic Diagnostics (formerly The Great Plains Laboratory), a world leader in testing for metabolic, mitochondrial, and environmental factors

Our lab partnerships mean we provide a very comprehensive range of advanced testing, areas of which include:

  • Brain: including neurotransmitter assessment, cognitive decline, mood and affective disorders, fatigue
  • Urology: next generation PCR testing for genitourinary
  • Nutrition: including essential elements and organic acid testing.
  • Endocrine: extensive range of sex hormone, thyroid, and adrenal panels from blood, saliva and urine - including DUTCH and Thyroid Advanced.
  • Immunology: including Cyrex, the leading laboratory for functional immunology and autoimmunity, as well as comprehensive allergy and sensitivity testing
  • Detox & Environmental: heavy metals, mould & mycotoxins, environmental toxins and hepatic detox capacity
  • Cardio & Metabolic: a complete range of blood chemistry panels, including full lipid profiles and independent risk factors
  • Gut: including the most advanced stool test available - the GI360, microbiology testing, SIBO breath tests, advanced intestinal barrier assessment, coeliac profiles

    Reliable shipping and robust logistics

    Our experienced operations team handle the whole process of international shipping and logistics for our practitioners and patients. Some of how they do this include:

    • reviewing all samples to ensure they are collected correctly
    • preparing all patient samples to each lab’s requirements
    • arranging international couriers
    • and following customs procedures

      Responsive customer service

      Our responsive customer service team, available by telephone and email Monday-Friday, 9 am-4:30 pm, makes it quick and simple to resolve a general query.

      Qualified clinical education and support

      Our free clinical support call service, training events and education resources - all provided by our highly qualified and experienced test experts - help clarify which test to use and simplify interpretation.

      Enabling an ever-growing community of UK and EU practitioners to access advanced functional tests

      And since starting in 2012, we’re proud to have successfully:

      • assisted & educated 6000+ practitioners
      • supported 20,000+ patients with their samples
      • and even helped to significantly improve the clinical quality and cost-effectiveness of an NHS service

      In turn, we’re proud to have become the go-to distributor, facilitating advanced tests  for 1000+ practitioners, including many leading practitioners such as:

      • Harley Street IBS and Autoimmune Clinic - a world-renowned Harley Street functional medicine clinic featured in the Guardian & Sunday Times, MBHMA.
      • London Clinic of Nutrition, an award-winning nutrition and functional medicine clinic
      • Dr Sarah Davies, Dr Sarah is one of only a small number of fully certified Functional Medicine doctors in the UK who runs a Marylebone-based functional medicine practice